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Mental HealthAcessment/Te Haika-Wellington

If your worried about someone who is experiencing mental distress/illness then you need to follow this advice. -If you ring your local hospital they will put you in touch with various crisis teams (in Wellington the trearge to the crisis Read more…

Mental Health Teams Doing Their Jobs?/Psychosis

Some psychiatric persons are not liked. It doesn’t help that the treating mental health teams gossip like rabid dogs… -Sometimes this can cause a psychiatric person ‘who needs help’, to be ignored and generally fobbed off. I wouldn’t believe this Read more…

Te Haika /Crisis Line/Mental Health/Wellington

  Wellingtons own extra special mental health crisis team- Te Haika. Here is my advice to anyone having a mental health crisis. PLEASE DO NOT CALL- Te Haika You will only be patronized by burnt out mental health staff who Read more…