Wellington Hospital

WELLINGTON Hospital/ Mental Health

Te Haika /Crisis Line/Mental Health/Wellington


Wellingtons own extra special mental health crisis team- Te Haika.

Here is my advice to anyone having a mental health crisis.


You will only be patronized by burnt out mental health staff who will be very concerned with having it known they are ’professionals’ then you will be advised to either have a hot bath in the case of a mild psychotic episode or in the case of very serious crisis, maybe ’ a cup of tea’


If you are ringing concerned about a loved one or friend…

Be prepared to be not listened to then hung up on with no real advise nor help.

Te Haika is a piecemeal organization who will usually advise you to call the police if concerned about someone having a mental health crisis, especially if they need hospitalisation.

The NZ police brief toward people having a mental health crisis is not extensive and if you follow Te haikas own, ( nearly always given advice), you could see your loved one etc put in a cell and going through the courts.

There is a way to avoid Wellingtons mental health crisis team’s attempts at ’ not being helpful’



– Note if you want to get a person committed to a mental hospital there is a very easy way.

Go to your Gp and they can advise.

Avoid Te Haika.  It’s antiquated and a complete waste of time.

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